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deaf horse, skipper, deaf horse association, splashed white paint horse
founder of deaf horse association, skipper, deaf horse, splashed white paint horse

Paul Harvey, Founder of Deaf Horse Association (DHA), obtained a BS in Recreation from Gallaudet University in Washington DC with an emphasis in Leadership and Programming. He also earned a Business Certificate from Douglas College.  

Mr. Harvey first developed his love for horses as he assisted with the therapeutic riding program for the campers for special needs camper over five summers in Kerrville, Texas.  

In his spare time Paul can be found riding his deaf horse, Skipper.  He also loves outdoor winter activities including snowboarding, ice skating, and snowshoe hiking.  In warmer times, Paul focuses on friends and family, hiking and camping.  

About Skipper (Deaf Horse as shown above)


Skipper (AKA Skip Along Foxy Lady) was born in April 21, 1999 in Texas.   She is classified as an American Paint Horse, which is exemplified by her striking blue eyes and splashed paint markings.  Initially the nine year old deaf mare was the first deaf horse to demonstrate and represent our association at the DeafNation conference in Denver, Colorado on September 20th, 2008.  Our topic was "Deaf Horse Association." 


Before moving to Washington State, Skipper foaled (all hearing) in Colorado.  Their names and birth dates are; Skip Along Shy Anne (2005), Skip Along Andy (2006), Foxy Rio Stars (2007) was featured in Paint Horse Journal (August 2008).


(Note that Skipper has a unique marking that appears over her right eye.  Imagine her right ear as a wing and the marking takes the shape of a dove that is flying downwards; We call it her spirit marking.  Her left side displays a full Splashed White not uncommon with deaf horses.  If you wish to see Skipper's marking close-up, it can been seen from the top of this page.

Denise Dana, our editor of DHA organization, is a certified public teacher, registered architect and a recognized reserve specialist.  Denise spent two summers as Horse Staff at Texas Lions Camp, where she first met Paul Harvey, the founder of DHA. 


Living in the Pacific Northwest, she is fond of camping and the outdoors. When not working Denise can be found spending time with her family, volunteering with the girl scouts or editing for the Deaf Horse Association. 


DR. K. Gary Magdesian, DVM, DIPL. ACVIM, ACVECC, ACVCP, is a professor at the University of California-Davis School of Veterinary Medicine.  The Loomis, Califorinia, Resident is a lifetime APHA member and owns several paints, this includes deaf horse.  Dr. Magdesian advises the DHA Team on Deaf Horse Research.  His contributed article,

"Sound Theories," is currently posted here at our stie. 



     Nearly 10 years ago, Deaf Horse Awareness was first presented the unique opportunity to partner with DeafNation in 2008 when the founder of DHA, Paul Harvey (who is also deaf), found out that his deaf friend, Joel Barish, was in town for DeafNation conference in Denver.  As it turns out, the DeafNation conference was not far from where Paul was going to purchase a deaf horse that same week!  He emailed Joel, who happens to be CEO of DeafNation, asking whether it was good idea to present his deaf horse at the conference as an education opportunity for deaf people as well as hearing folks, to learn more about deaf horses.  Joel fired his reply, agreeing to the idea!      

     Initially the nine year old deaf mare named Skipper was presented as a non performer to the mixed crowd of about 2000 deaf and hearing attendees as a part of "mock" show to give her exposure to the new environment.   To everyone's surprise, Skipper was on her best behavior; at one point she even allowed a baby to pet her!  

     To make a long story short, our first presentation (Deaf Horse Awareness) was a hit as many deaf folks had not seen deaf horse before, let alone a domestic pet such as a cat or dog.  It was a real treat for attendees of the DeafNation conference to meet Skipper up close. 


     During the mock presentation, we were holding back some information about deaf horses so that we could be sure separate fact from fiction.  In other words, from the beginning we have been very cautious on presenting new information about deaf horses.  The world of deaf horses has only recently begun to be explored and shared.  We have put in many hours of research, and are committed to educate ourselves with newly discovered facts about deaf horses. We are also committed to sharing the most accurate and updated information to our DHA members.  Our continuing efforts through research, hands-on experience, and cross-referring will be evident in our next presentation.  We hope our efforts will be support others in their own endeavors of understanding and protecting deaf horses.  


Original post - 2016

Updated Edit - 2018


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